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TagMyPaws™ - Strong Reflective Dog Leash

TagMyPaws™ - Strong Reflective Dog Leash

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Enjoy Your Walks With The Perfect Dog Leash! 

🐶 Premium Quality and Heavy-Duty - Crafted from rock-climbing grade rope, our dog leash can withstand even the strongest pulling, with a tested capacity of up to 300lbs.

🐶 Comfortable and Protective Handle - The soft padded handle offers a comfortable grip and protects your hands from rope burns while giving you full control over your dog.

🐶 Nighttime Safety - Our leash features highly reflective threads to keep you and your dog safe during late-night walks.

🐶 Ideal Length - At 5 ft/150 cm, this leash is the perfect length for walking, running, or training, striking a balance between safety and comfort while providing your dog with enough freedom.

🐶 Waste Bag Holder - Say goodbye to carrying separate waste bags. Our leash comes with a waste bag holder. Enjoy walks with fewer accessories to carry. You get one for FREE!

🐶 360 Degree Rotation - Enjoy unrestricted movement with our leash's innovative 360-degree rotation feature. No more tangled leashes or limited mobility. Let your dog explore freely while staying connected, making walks a breeze for both of you.

🐶 Chew-Proof Design - If your furry friend is a chewer, no worries! Our leash is made of durable, chew-resistant material that will last.

79% of customers reported that they feel a lot safer walking their dog because of the strong reflective leash.

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