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TagMyPaws™ - No Spill Water Bowl

TagMyPaws™ - No Spill Water Bowl

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If your dog is a messy drinker, you know you have to mop up after him all the time to prevent others from slipping. Bowls scattered on the floor... puddles and drops everywhere!

This smart, sturdy bowl puts an end to that by regulating the water so that your dog can't stick his snout in the entire bowl. They drink more slowly and don't get water all over their face and the floor. The integrated rubber feet keep the bowl in place to prevent spills.

NO LONGER WATER EVERYWHERE - Designed with a splash-proof edge cover that prevents water from leaking out. KEEPS WATER CLEAN & FRESH - By regulating the amount of water in the upper part, the water remains free of dust, hair, etc. ANTI-SLIP DESIGN - Anti-slip plates on each corner of the base make the bowl stable. Suitable for all types of use in the car and at home. ANTI-CHOKE - The amount of water is automatically controlled by the floating plate to prevent pets from choking. PERFECT FOR THE CAR - Whatever the journey.... this non-spill bowl keeps your dog hydrated and happy while keeping your car dry.

Dogs get thirsty while traveling and sometimes it's not possible to just pull over. Trying to solve this problem with a traditional water bowl often results in most of the water on the floor!

The simple combination of the floating disc and the pressurized clip automatically regulates the amount of water available and prevents spills....even in turns or on uneven roads.

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