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TagMyPaws™ - Pet Hair Removal Roller

TagMyPaws™ - Pet Hair Removal Roller

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 Does Your Pet Shed Everywhere?

Don't worry. Your dog or cat won't be able to compete! Remove stubborn pet hair embedded deep down in your furniture and on your clothes with the amazing, reusable TagMyPaws™ - Pet Hair Removal Roller.

TagMyPaws™ - Pet Hair Removal Roller clears up pet hair in seconds and traps it in its container for easy disposal. Collect, Empty, Repeat - Fun and Easy!

EFFECTIVE - Picks up all types of Fur and Lint and works on almost every flat surface including your sofa, couch, carpet, bed sheets and clothes.

ECO FRIENDLY - Can be used for a lifetime! Forget going every other week to buy new lint rollers.

PORTABLE - Unlike heavy vacuum cleaners and big lint rollers, the MrFluffyFriend Clean only weighs 200 grams. You can quickly use it anytime and anywhere without a power source.

EASY TO USE - Simply use it on the area you want. When finished, open the lid and empty the container.

FAST - Removes actual pet hair 3x faster than Lint Rollers!

How do I use it?

Collect pet hair with ease. Simply move the roller back and forth to collect all the pet hair into the container.

When done, open the lid to the container and remove the collected pet hair. It has never been so easy and effective!

Cleaning Advice: It's very easy to clean if you want every particle out. Simply put it under running water. It does not damage the product.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We understand that you might want to try out how your TagMyPaws™ - Pet Hair Removal Roller work. 

Experience for 30 days and decide for yourself. If you decide it is not the perfect fit, a full refund is assured!

Please note: Due to high demand, we are almost out of stock.

Once the stock runs out, it will take up to 2-3 weeks before we can deliver again. At that moment the price will also go back up to the original price!

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