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TagMyPaws™ - #1 AirTag Luxe Leather Dog Collar

TagMyPaws™ - #1 AirTag Luxe Leather Dog Collar

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TRACK YOUR DOG: Whether your fluffy friend is a bit adventurous or you want to know where he/she is when you're out, the TagMyPaws™ - #1 AirTag Luxe Leather Dog Collar with an integrated AirTag holder tracks your dog everywhere.

SAFE FOR YOUR PET: Anti-bacterial and durable leather guarantee a comfortable and hygienic place for your dog to play around.

STYLISH: No longer an eyesore, our minimalistic design and sophisticated colours blend seamlessly into the style of your home.

PROVEN BY PET LOVERS AROUND THE WORLD: Thousands of pet parents have experienced the benefits of tracking you dog, so get your AirTag dog collar today for the lowest price ever!

The Ultimate Dog Collar

- No Subscription Fee

- Limitless Range Tracking

- Waterproof & Adventure-Proof

- Unique & Stylish Design

- Genuine Leather

BE WORRY FREE! The AirTag cannot fall out thanks to premium leather design. Your fluffy friend can play around and you will always be able to track your paw 🐶

✔️ This collar holds & secures the AirTag from Apple Inc. (AirTag not included.)

✔️ Use "Find My" app on your iPhone with no monthly fee.

✔️ Locate your dog with no distance limit. If your dog is near any Apple devices in the world, you'll see the location on your phone.

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