Hello dear pawfriend! 🐶
As dog mommy and daddy of our lovely golden retriever Raico, we want to wish you a warm welcome to our website. Say hello to Raico :)
In the beginning of 2020, when we both had to work from home, we spent a lot of time walking with Raico. One time, the weather turned very bad in a few minutes. Raico became restless and ran away, OUR WORST NIGHTMARE!
Luckily we found him back hiding under a piece of wood, but we were scared and we didn't want to walk Raico anymore without a leash. As this was not fun and we really limited our paw's freedom, we decided to come with a solution: The AirTag dog collar. Now we are always in contact with Raico and he gets is freedom back. 
We are really proud that we can provide this freedom to more than 300 fluffy friends in the United States.